October 1695

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Mayor: Richard Walmsley

Viewers of Flesh & Fish Richard Jackson innkeeper & George Sharrock butcher
Alefounders John Birchall & Nathan Bullen
Pinders John Gurnall & Henry Barnes
Affeerers & Assessors William Lemon gen, John Burton, Jacob Sudell & John Whittaker
Clensing ye streets William Markland
Treasurer for the poor William Cottam & Tho. Bostock barber
Houselookers for Churchgate Thomas Jackson taylor & Tho. Myers shoemaker
Houselookers for ffishergate & Market Street Thomas Hodgkinson shoemaker & John Hugall
Houselookers for fryergate ffrancis Higham & John Barker
Beadle William Hoole
John Chorley John Hodgkinson
Daniel Dunster John Crabtree
Benjamin Clarkson Richard Myers
Evan Wall John Birchall
John Hardman Thomas Wilding
Jacob Drinkwater Hugo Tootell
Jacob Werden Thomas Whalley
Nathan Barker

My numbering

1. The severall psons hereafter named for that they did not appear att this Court Leet being duly summoned by the Sarjeant and haveing not ??? & obtained leave for their absence, Therefore wee Amerce each of them to pay one shilling a peece vizt.

John Lackmore, George Barker, Thomas Birches, James Lorrimer, Henry Heardley, John Hall, Joseph Rigby, Robert Core, Seth Jolly, William Rhodes & Thomas Sudell jun.

2. John Dawson being duly summoned to attend this Court and being returned to serve on the Jury and wilfully neglecting to appeare is therefore ffined in open Court to pay xiijs. iiijd.

3. Thomas Shiers for the like offence is likewise ffined to pay the like summe of xiijs. iiijd.

4. Mrs Wall of the Hide hill was formerly prsented to cause a foot Causey made before her lande and Outhouseing in St Johns Weend, and had reasonable time allowed for the doeing the roof which shee totally neglected, therefore for that her default wee Amerce her in xxs. And doe hereby direct that she cause the said Causey sufficiently made and finished before the first day of Aprill next Otherwise wee Amerce her in xxs. more.

5. Chrofer Jackson — that hee being the present Occupier of the lande on both sides the wood bridge usually placed in the Great ffoot way or passage from this Town to Walton, over Swillbrooke, Doe cause a good strong Bridge and Rail placed over the said brook before the twenty-nynth* of ffebruary next, Or in default thereof to pay xxs.

*Should there have been 29 days in February in 1695?

6. Richard Cowband for layeing brick rubbidge and other offensive things to the house side of Mrs Maud Wall within this Town, And doe order that hee remove the same before the twenty ninth day of ffebruary next, Or in default thereof to pay xxs.

7. Edward Walker for turneing the ffootway and other highway upon that part of the Whittakers late in the possession of Chrofer Walmsley, And that the said way bee layd open and turned as the same was antiently used, And that the same bee done before the twenty ninth day of ffebruary next, Otherwise wee Amerce the said Edward Walker to pay xxs.

8. George Shorrock, Henry Parr and Richard Graystock Butchers for slaughtering in the open street contrary to good Orders made within this Town and doe amerce them in six shillings eight pence a peece if they presume to doe the like after the said twenty nynth day of ffebruary next.

9. Thomas Sclater and Robert Sclater that they repair their garden hedges before the twenty nynth day of ffebruary next (which have layn down to the great damage of their neighbour John Hodgkinson Currier) And if the same bee not amended within the time aforesaid wee Amerce the said Thomas Sclater and Robert Slater to pay five shillings a peece.

10. Wee the said Jurors upon our own observacons and Informacon given to ys by the House lookers doe find and present the severall psons followeing who are not free of this Incorporacon and yet take upon them to Inhabit and keep publick houses or follow Trades or other Imploymts to the manifest prejudice of the ffree InBurgesses Inhabiting in this Town, And wee doe Amerce the said severall psons in xs. a peece, And that upon Notice by the Sarjeant they severally Remove out of the Town, Or Compound and agree with Mr Maior and the Councell for their respective freedowms before the twenty ninth day of ffebruary next, Otherwise wee Recomend it to Mr Maior and Councell to endeavour the Remedying of this Greevance soe farr as by law they can. Wee find in the ffryergate not ffree. Thomas ffoster labourer, Jon Bamber plaisterer, Henry Grundy.

In the Friergate

James Grundy, Daniel Porter Miller, Williamson Swan, William Arkwright, Robert Robinson, John Millington, Widdow ffairclough & her children, Thomas Walmsley labourer, Lawrence Taylor, John Whalley, Richard Shakeshaft, John Shakeshaft, Robert Sidgreaves Miller, Henry Hoghton, William Strickland, Thomas Leach, Edward Gregson, Henry Darbyshire, Thomas Singleton, Richard Hudson, John Anderton, Ralph Newsham.

In Aram Backside

Thomas Sharples Alehouse keeper

In the Fishergate or Market place

John Greenhalgh Blacksmith & Alehousekeeper, Joseph Rigby Alehousekeeper, James Huggins Bricklayer, Nathaniel Knott Bookseller.

In the Churchgate

John Hacking Alehousekeeper, John Smith, John Jackson Maulster, John Singleton, Joseph Bennet Alehousekeeper, Joh Crabtree Alehousekeeper, George Eastham Webster, Robert Woane, Henry Balshaw Alehousekeeper and Mault maker, Richard Livesey Maulster, Edward Bond Miller, Paricius Haggarty, Richard Ireland Miller, William Beesley Alehousekeeper, Thomas Singleton, Thomas Gregson, Thomas Talbot joiner, Robert Boyes, Micheal Postlethwait, John Atkinson, Richard Horrocks Alehousekeeper.

11. Richard Hudson for getting and carrying sodds off the Spitle Mosse and doe Amerce him for doeing in the summe of ten shillings.

12. Richard Jackson Inkeep was duly elected, nominated and appointed one of the viewers of fflesh and ffish att this prsent Court Leet, and was called upon to take the usuall oath for that purpose which hee premtorily refused to doe in order to execute the said Office to the great diservice of the Town and the evill example of others. Therefore to bee ffined att the discretion of Mr. Recorder and a more fit pson elected to the said Office which tends soe much to the genrall good and wellfare of all the Inhabitants within this Burrough.

13. The severall psons hereafter named All shopkeepers or Tradesmen within this Town haveing every of them taken one or more Apprentices which have served them a month or more and yet have not entred or Inrolled them according to an Order of the last Guild Merchant. Therefore wee Amerce them severally in xxs. a peece if the said psons doe not procure their Apprentices endrolled before the first day of Aprill next, they haveing notice in the meane time of this our presentment. viz.

Number of Appresntices in brackets after the name

Mr Alderman Addison(1), Mr Jeoffrey Rishton(1), John Walton(1), John Kay(1), Richard Pedder(1), John ffisher(1), Mathew Read(1), James Townend(1), James Taylor(1), Mr Thomas Martin(1), Thomas Jackson(1), John Townend(1), Benjamin Clarkson(1), Richard Clarkson/Law. Shepherd/Thomas Riley(1), John Hodgkinson shoemaker(1), Mrs Winstanley(1), Nicholas Pasley(1), Timothy Aitough(1),Tho. Hodgkinson Shoemaker(1), James Hodgson(1), Mr. John Harrison(1), Mr Tho. Gradwell(2 sons), Joanthan Audland(his son), Edmund Kelsall(1), John Dawson Currier(1), John Merry (his 2 sones), Richard Kendall(1), Robert Riley(his son), Thomas Rimmer(1), Henry Blackhurst(1), William Maudsley(1), Thomas Harrison(1), Robert Blackledge(1), John Gregson(2), John Simmons(3 sons), John Hodgkinson(3 sons).

14. Wee the Jury Leet haveing with the Assistance of Mr. Walmsley the prsent Major, Mr. Alderman Werden, Mr. Lawrence Piccop, and Mr. Roberts the Town Clerk, lately Surveyed and compared the present Rales, Bulkes, Seller Staires, and other Incrochmts within this Town, with the Parchment Rentall which was made in the yeare of our Lord 1670, Doe find and prsent these Alteracons following, wch wee Referr to the Consideracon of Mr. Major and the Councell, applying to the Parchmt Rentall by the figures ensueing.

Wee find tha the Incroachment at Mr: Werdens late Kilne at the Marsh is taken away.

That John Bayley Brickman has lately erected and incroached a Cottage and garden neare the South end of Spitle mosse in length in the whole of 53 yards in breadth at the North end 13 yards and att the South end 5 yards. not rented.

That John Atherton has the Midding steed late Mr Martins formerly Ralph Woodhouses att the New house where Richard Bray now lives below the ffryergate Barrs not rented.

That Mr. John Chorley has incroached att ye East end of his Kilne att the back of his house neare the ffryergate barrs with a Brick wall 5 yards and an halfe in length and one yard in breadth not rented.

That Mr John Chorley stone stepps att the end of that Kilne are taken away.

That Thomas Graddell tenent to Mr Haydock of Cottam has putt downe a sign post in ye street att the house ffyergate Barrs where Thomas Pedder lives.

That the Rale att the sd house is taken away.

That Agnes Bolton widdow has a porch & two pair of rales att her houses in the ffryergate late Chrofer Santer.

That there are noe Railes at James Whittles house.

That Willm Tomlinson has made a Brickwall where the porch and rales formerly stood in his fathers time att the house neare ffryergate barrs & has sett a sign post and horse stone in the street before that house not rented.

That there is noe old rale at Thomas Pedders house but now Ric: Gradells as hereafter followes.

That Richard Cowband (formerly Lawrence Coopers) hav noe Railes att the house late Henry Wilsons.

That James Cowell has noe Rail at his house.

That there is now noe Incroachment att widdow Pooles in the ffryergate.

That the Railes att the house late Mr: Peter Walls in the ffyergate are taken away.

That the Railes att Mr: Thomas Martins house in the ffryergate where Mr. Parr now dwells are taken away.

That Richard Graddell has erected new Pales or Railes 6 yards in length att the house late the seven starrs in the ffryergate which are not rented formerly Thomas Pedders.

That there are noe Railes att the house in the ffryergate late Mr. Holders.

That there are noe Railes att the house late Thomas Balshaws.

That Mr. Lawrence Piccop has erected Railes att his house 8 yards long not rented.

That Mr. John Sumpner has a Bulk att his house next to John Harrisons sadel tree maker one yard and an halfe long and a yard broad not rented.

That the Incroachmt charges on James Kitchin att Wrangwells house in the ffryergate is taken away.

That Shakeshafts Bulk is taken away.

That Thomas Higham has Railes att his house 5 yards in length not rented.

That Mr Evan Huson has taken his Rales away att the house late Ralph Shorrocks in the ffryergate but suppose will be new erected.

Wee find noe Bulke att the house late Robert Catteralls or Ann Morriss.

Wee find the Seller Staires & Incroachmt at Richard Goodshaws house in ye ffryergate formerly in ye possion of Richard Bostocke.

That wee find the Bulke att Edw. Taylors house demolished.

That Willm Helme has Rales att his house six yards long not rented.

That Mr. Alderman Addison has a pair of Seller staires & sign post att ye house in ye ffryergate late Mathew Addisons not rented.

That wee find ye Rales att ye house late Mathew Addisons taken away.

That Mathew Read has lately erected Railes & Seller staires att his new house not rented.

That Charles Rigby Esqre has a pair of Seller staires and an Incroachmt 17 foot and an halfe in length and a yard and an halfe in breadth att the sign of the three Cocks formerly Alderman Walmsleys not rented.

That Wm Walmsley now Maior has a pair of Seller staires & posts att the house late Richard Turners. Not rented.

That Mr Thomas Hodgkinson has a Middingstead att ye Southend of Widdow Townends house in the weend now enjoyed by Richard Woods widdow of the Anker not rented.

That Mr. John Sumpner has two Incroachmts before his Stable buildings in St. Johns Weend one of them two yards and halfe in length and 2 yards deep, the othr 4 yards long & 2 yards deep. Not rented.

That Ann Catterall widdow has a Rails att her house in the weend not rented.

That Willm Beesley has a new pair of Seller Staires by ye house late Cuthbert Cottoms att the said weend not rented.

That wee find the Incroachmt att Mr Walls house att the Hide hill which was 3 yards & a nale in length wholly taken away.

That wee find the Incroachmt att the Corner house in the Market place late Mr Bannester now in Willm Patten, taken away but since built on and continued.

That wee find Mr Willm Patten has erected new Railes att the said Corner house in the Market place in length 19 yards and an halfe, not rented.

That Willm Tomlinson has a Bulke a yard and 3 quarters broad and a yard and an halfe deep att the house in the Corner of the Market place late Henry Hodgkinsons where Robt Richardson now dwells, not rented.

That Mr John Atherton has new Rales at his shop not rented.

That wee find that Mr Henry Taylors Rale is taken away.

That wee find the porch and Rales att late Mr Bannesters now Mr Rigbys house att the sign of the Miter in the Market place as alsoe the old Incroachmt there taken away.

That wee find Mr Rigby has lately erected two pair of Seller staires and stepps into the street att the said house called the Miter, not rented.

That there is a sign post and horsestone sett in the street over agt. Mr Thomas Hodgkinsons house called the Ancker not rented.

That there is a signpost and horsestone att Mr Walmsleys house late in possion of Thomas Gregson in the Market place, not rented.

That wee find noe Rales or pales of Mr Langton but what are rented and payd for by Mr Alderman Langton.

That wee find two posts newly put up by Mr John Loxam att the house late James Dewhursts, that are not rented.

That Richard Stanley Esqre has made new Rales 7 yards long att Mr Blundells house formerly Called The Toy, not rented.

That wee find the Seller Staires att that house formerly rented att 6d. wholly taken away.

That Mr Daniel Chaddock has erected a porch with stone posts, tow seller staires and Railes 12 yards long att his house in the ffishergate, not rented.

That wee find a sign post sett before the house in the ffishergate late Seth Taskers.

That wee find Henry Turnley has Rales 6 yards and an halfe long and a sign post att the sign of the wheat sheaf in the ffishergate, not rented.

Wee find a pair of Seller staires att Mr Nowells house now in possession of Dr. Worthington, not rented.

Wee find the Incroachmt at the litle Hall belonging to Mr Molyneux late Mr. Rigby in the ffishergate that was 7 yards long and 3 quarters and an halfe broad taken away.

As alsoe the addiconall new wall formerly Rented on Alexander Rigby Esqre att 3s. 4d. is taken away.

That Mr Alderman Addisons Rale is taken away and a long length is instead of it.

Wee find a new pair of Rales att Mr ffleetwoods house late in Mr ffarringtons over agt the Butter crosse, not rented.

Wee find a Rale att Mr Shaws house where Mr fforrars dwells not rented.

Wee find the posts that supported the Old? house there taken away.

Wee find a pair of Out staires at Mr Alderman Addisons house in the Minspit weend not rented.

Wee find the Seller staires belonging to the house late in possion of Alderman Rishton now Mr Winckleys att the South end of the Shambles, not rented.

Wee find the Rale att Mr Addisons house where Charles Quignard now lives taken away.

Wee find the Rale att Mr John Chorleys house formerly in possion of John Addison now widdow Smith taken away.

Wee find a pair of Seller staires and sign post and horse stone exerted at the said house not rented.

Wee find the Rale at Mr Aldermans Sudells house taken away.

That the Rale att Mr Thomas Bannesters house formerly now Mr Rigbys stable building is taken away.

That the Incroachmt formerly att the house in possession of Widdow Jolly not taken away but continued.

Wee find a pair of New Rales att the house next the Church yate now in possession of Joseph Bennet, not rented.

Wee find the Rales att the houses late widdow Rileys and Mr Lawes taken away.

That instead thereof Mr Benjamin Whitehead has erected a porch with stone pillars and a pair of staires & rales when finished.

Wee find a signpost and horsestone sett into the street at Mr Walmsleys house calld the Brickhouse where Mr Ralph Rishton lives, not rented.

Wee find noe Incroachmy now of Edward Gradwell in ye Churchgate.

Wee find a new porch att Mr Alderman Gregsons house not rented.

Wee conceive the privy and staires att the bottom of the garden on the back of late Mr Pigotts house where Mr Johnson now lives formerly Rented at 4d. to bee formerly two Incroachmts but over Rented.

Wee find new Rales 8 yards and a quarter long erected att Mr Revalds house on the East side of Churchgate barrs late Mr Turners not rented.

Wee Conceive the North side of Shepherds house now belonging to Mr Willm Patten 9 yards in length and 9 inches in breadth formerly rented at 6d. is noe great Incroachmt but still continued as it was.

Wee find a New porch erected att the house late Hugh Welshman now in the possession of Richard Stanley Tenant to Thomas Patten Esqre, not rented.

Wee find a Sign post lately sett up in the street over against the house late Jerem. Ashtons now Henry Turnleys.

Wee find a garden neare the Almshouses att the East end of the Town lately in closes by Evan Werden not rented.

Wee find an Incroachment by Mr Ashton of Litlewood of about 7 yards square neare Liptrot house whereon part of an house is now built, not rented.

Wee find noe Incroachment att the house att the East end of the Town neare the Moor yate formerly in possession of John Myers and rented att 4d. that house now in Lease by the Town to or to the use of Roger Bannester.

Wee find all other Incroachments within this Town according to the said parchmt Rentall saveing that some owners of houses names are changed since the makeing thereof.

Wee present the Bayliffs of this Town that they forthwith repair the stocks pillary and Cucking stoole*, As alsoe that they cause the Cauls att the Marsh to bee sufficiently repaired before Midsomer next on pain of five pounds.

  • according to a lecture given by T. Harrison Myres the cucking stoole was also called a or trebucket. He stated that there were two stools in Preston; one close to East View, the other (probably) close to the Public Hall (Corn exchange).

Affeared by

Wm Lemon, John Burton, James Sudell, Jno Whittaker