October 1678

From Preston Court Leet
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 Page 501 onwards
Viewers of Flesh & Fish Henry Whittle & Joseph Hodgkinson
Alefounders Thomas Balshawe & John Birches
Pinders William Wiggans & John Southworth
Affeerers & Assessors Richard Taylor, John Chorley sen, Joseph Bolton & Nich. Walmsley sen

Mr John ffrankland is appoynted to bee overseer for cleansing ye streets and St. John's weend and to appoynt such persons scavenging for ye cleansing thereof as he shall think fitt.

Treasurers for the poor Roger Haydock & John Chorley jun
Houselookers for Churchgate Thomas Adison & Richard Jenkinson
Houselookers for ffishergate & Market Street John Atherton & Richard Clarkson
Houselookers for fryergate William Arkwright sen & Edward Craven jun
Beadle Roger Dixon
Arthur Bostocke John Woods
Lawrence Bostocke Evan Huson
John Radcliffe Randus Sherlicar
John Ravald John Helme
Charles Quicknard Ralph Comander
John Cort Robert Hugill
Henry James John Greenhalgh
Henry Wilding

1. These psons following for not appearing at this Cort to pay iijs. iiijd. apiece. Johes Chorley sen, Rogus Haydocke, Rogus Sudell sen gen, Ricus Clarkson, Nichus Watson, Jacobus Chambers, Georgius Bennett, Henr Gradwell, Willm Toogood, John Tysing, John Thorpe, Ricus Bayley sen, John Ryley gen.

2. John Walshman that he scoure his watercorse behind his house in St Johns weend in six days time or els to pay vjs. viijd.

3. Henry Bretherton and Robert Spencer that they remove ye midding lying nere ye pinfould in six days time or els pay vjs. viijd. apiece.

4. The Baliffes that they repaire ye breaches made upon ye Marsh in ye way from Henry Graystocks house Leading to Swanseys Gutter in six weekes time or else to pay xiijs. iiijd.

5. James Monke, Hoggatt and Unsworth, for suffring their horses to standing in Arams backside, upon markett dayes, to ye great danger and prjudice of any that pass that way, to pay iijs. iiijd. apiece.

6. Robt Carr for keeping his swine unringed to ye great prjudice of his neighbors, his garden being all downe to pay vjs. viijd.

7. Martin Mayberry for Laying Carryon in Willm Werdons pitt in Sykes to ye great annoyance of all that passe that way. To pay vjs. viijd.

8. These psons following for harbouring Inmates

Jennet Martin for harbouring Margret Baites

Margery Place for harbouring Mary Dixon

John Townend jun for harbouring Thomas Plant & Lettice Blackborne

Henry Crosse for harbouring Elizabeth Lingart

Alice Woodward for harbouring Thomas Walmsley

Mr George Addison for harbouring John Jackson

Mrs Elizabeth Hodgkinson for harbouring Thomas Cooke

John Loxam for harbouring John Rollinson

John Baliffe for harbouring Jennett & Elizabeth Smith

George Grayson for harbouring Mary _______

Willm Tomlinson of Hesketh house for harbouring Edward Gregson

Mr Preston for harbouring Elizabeth Singleton

John Bayley for harbouring Willm Strickland & his wife

Jenett Taylor for harbouring Thomas Walton & his wife

Edward Heys for harbouring James Whitehead & Martha Booth

Richard Sudell for harbouring Hugh Tootell

9. Ye Baliffs that they repaire ye Cookestoole in six weekes time or to pay 10s.

10. Tidesley Atkinson and Mary Bateson for being easing droppers under James Halls widdowe [window], to pay vjs. viijd. apiece.

The affeerers reduced this to a more realistic 6d a piece.

11. Richard Woods that he remove his midding in St Johns weend in a months time or els to pay xxs.

12. Mr Thomas Martin and Roger Haydock for laying their middings undr tente hey hedge and that they shall remove it in a months time of els to pay vjs. viijd. apiece.

13. Randle Sherlicar for not attending ye jury he being one of them to pay iijs. iiijd.

14. These psons following for not coming to bee sworne being inhabitants in towne to pay xijs piece.

Luke Burches, Henr Bayley son of Willm, Ric Bayley son of Roger, Ric Bayley son of Robt, Henr Bayley his brothr, Henr Bostocke, Chrofer Burton, Willm Cort, Willm Charnocke son of Rogr, Willm Cottam gen, Thomas Campbell, Willm Campbell, John Campbell, Edw: Dawson, Tho:Gregson, Tho: Graystocke son of Willm, John Greenwood jun, Jo: Hodgkinson sone of John, Thomas Higham, John Higham, Alex: Jolly, James Kendall sen, John Kendall his sonn, James Kendall his son, Willm Kendall, Henry Kendall, Mr John Lawe, Geo. Pigot Esqre, Mr Robt Pigot.