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Great Court Leet, held in the Moot Hall, on 4th of May, 1655, before Richard Sumner (Mayor), Roger Sudell and George Woodhouse (Bailiffs), and Evan Wall (Steward of the Court).

The names of the Jury to enquire aswell for his highnes ye Lord Protectr as for ye Maior, Bailiffes and Burgesses of ye Burrough or Towne aforesaid who were sworne ye Day & year abovesaid.

Thomas Bickerstaffe John Chorley ye elder
Nicholas Sudell John Ryley
William Audland John Copeland
William Dobson William Harrison
William Copeland Andrew Sharrock
Thomas Myer (crossed out) Tymothy Woodward
Edward Dawson John Willabie
John Hodgkinson Tho: Berches


1. That the butts in the Spitle mosse is in decay, and that the nowe bailiffes shall see them putt in suficient repaire before the 24th of July next, else to pay vjs. viijd.

2. The asize of Bread and Ale is not observed and kept accordinge to the statute in that case made and provided, although Corne beare soe Lowe a rate, yett nothing is done in releafe thereof.

3. Whereas there are complaints that there should bee false weights and measures kept by some within this towne, Mr. Maior shall cause his officers to try the weights and measures of all such byeth and selleth comodoties within this towne twice if not more every yeare.

4. There is a greate anoyance in this towne by swyne both in mens corne and grass, and wee conceive it is occasioned partly by the carelessness of the Inhabitants of this towne, on that they doe not help to bringe their swyne towards the More, butt leteth them range up and downe the streets; but especially the swyne-heard comes soe unconstantly and carelessly that the people can scarse have tyme to bring them into the streete, and beinge past will retorne no more; for the preventinge whereof wee presente and think fitt that the bailiffes shall cause the said swinsard to blowe his horne from the church gate barrs to the fishergate bars and then retorne backe again and take the swyne alonge, and also said that the said swynyard shall begin att the brand channell to blowe his horne up alonge to the markett place, and then to retorne backe and take the swyne with him, and, for every tyme the swynyard doth neglect, for every such offence to forfeit and loose there [his] weekes wages, and that every Inhabitant haveinge first notice by the sexton shall ether putt put forth there swyne that they may be taken alonge to the more, otherwise keppe them upp that they not straglinge in the streetes, especially one the markett days, to pull contry mens corne sackes in peeces, or doe harme to mens grass and corne, and that soe manie swyne and soe often as they shall bee found the owners thereof shall forfeit and loose 4d. a swyne, the one halfe to the pinders and the other halfe to the sub baliffe, whoe is disired may bee asittinge to the said pinders, and it anie rescowe there swyne soe taken to the fould the offender to pay iijs. iiijd.

5. There is divers that sweepe dunge into there channell, and there it lys, and soe is a great anoyance and disparigment to governmente of this towne, which formerly hath beene keepinge of our streets, for the preventinge whereof wee disire that Mr. Maior would give notice by the sexton to all the inhabitants within this towne that they shall not sweepe dunge into the channell, or there sufer it to be upon there cawsall [causeway] above three days, upon paine of 15s., and that Mr. Maior shall cause this order to bee observed, else to bee find att the discretion of the first Leete after hee is discharged of his office.

6. All the occupyers of the Land in the Fryer Lane shall lopp and cutt downe there hedges that carts and carages my pase, and that there shall noe cattell bee turned to the marsh that way, nor before 6 aclocke in the morninge the usall way, and that the heardsman shall bee redy to keepe them by fryer Lane, and drive them alonge by spittle mosse, upon paine of every one soe ofendinge xijd.

7. Thomas Goodshawe hath incroach in the house where Miss Watson liveth nine yards in length and qtr a yard in bredth as also a paire of fallen staires 1 yard and a quarter in bredth and 2 yards and a quarter in length to be rented by Mr. Maior and companie.

8. If Mr. Maior and councell shall see cause and thinke fitt to order the nowe bailiffes to erect rales all alonge the waterin pools att church gate and accordinge to the first presetmte of the last Inquest, that then the baliffes shall cause the same [to be] donne before the 24th of June next, or else to forfeit vjs. viijd.

9. Divers presentmts and finds imposed upon Mr. William Bannaster for suferinge his house to decay, upon the townes Land att the east more yate, and not erectinge another, and although Mr. Bannaster did pretend the said house to have been ruined and burnt by the souldiers in theis tymes of warr; butt, finding severall presentments upon record to the contrary,Mr. Bannaster did crave tyme from Mr. Maior and companie that hee might provide timber and other matteriall to rebuild the said house, and did engage soe to doe before the 29th September, 1656, which tyme was grannted, butt in case Mr. Bannaster make defaulte (the tyme beinge expired) all fines to stand good and lee Levied.

10. The Bailiffes shall see the cawsall repared in the Stonyegate to the milne feild gate and to the schoole before the 24th of June next, else to pay vjs. viijd.

11. The nowe baliffes shall sett stoopes and rales at Davy bridge upon the march, to prevent the decay thereof by horses, before the 24th of June next or to pay vjs. viijd.

12. Mr. Thomas Sumpner, Henry Chorley and Henry Chorley the younger and the rest of the occupiers of Mr Ashton's Land shall sett styles and foote bridges all alonge to the newe wall before the 24th of June next or els to pay iijs. iiijd.

13. That whereas there are divors fines inposed uppon Mr Seth Morte for not only sufring his barne in St. John's weend to decay but loading (annoying) stones and timber away the same course taken with Mr Bannester may bee granted to Mr Morte (if Mr. Maior and counsell thinke fitt if Mr. Morte refuse soe to doe that then all finds (fines) immediately bee levied butt that the fine fixed accordinge to the 6th prsentment of the last Leet bee forwith levied.

14. The persons named hereafter who have ground upon avenham or whose pasage is on or a platt at Tittmouse croft vidz Mr Edward ffrench, Willm Shawe, Nicholas Sudell, Edward Hodgkinson, Mr Maior, Mr Willm Sudell, Mr Edmund Werden, James Gorton, Thomas Werden, Thomas Martin, George Adison, George Tasker, Henry Wilson, Mr Richard ffleetwood, Mr Seth Blackhurst, John Chorley junior, John Marsh, Richard Thorpe, Richard Mason, Roger Tomlinson, widowe Gradell, Thomas Sumpner and Henry Newsam shall to those proportionable parte accordinge to the acc. repare and make those plats and rails the same for with earth that it may be a sufficient way both for carte and carriages and that Mr William Sudell, Mr Edmund Werden, Mr Seth Blackhurst and Mr Edward ffrench or anie two of them may bee desired to compose what will doe the same and to portion the same and every one soe neglectinge to pay or worke the one said proportion before the fifth day of July next every offender to forfeit iijs. iiijd.

15. Mr John Cottam shall open and scowred his ditch att the mosse and on Berry field that it may not bee annoyance to the said way and platt as afore presented butt that every tyme and soe often as he shall bee faulty then in to forfeit iijs. iiijd.

16. Theis persons herunder named, whoe are free Burgeses and yett have not taken there oathes, wee present that Mr. Maior shall send for every one of them, and cause them come and take theire oathes att or before the 24th of July next, and if anie of them, having notice by the Sergeant and sumoned to appeare, doe make defaulte, and soe every of them and soe manie of them refuseth to come and take their oath, to forfeit every of them vjs. viijd.

John Werden, Willm Hodgkinson, Richard Bostock younger, John Langton, Peter Harrison, Thomas Burton, Robert Blundell, Thomas Loxam, John Clifton, Lawrence Wall, John Abbott, John Barker, Seth Morte, James Abbott, Thomas Rushton, John Cottam, George Blundell, Willm Woodward, John Sumpner, Willm Cottam, Tymothy Woodward, James Werden, Thomas ffielden, Willm Woodbourne, John Banks, John Gurnell, Thomas Berches, James Helme, Robert Ingham, George Birches, Mathewe Read, Henry Kilshawe, Thomas Arkwright, Robert Walker, John Marsh, Henry Balshawe, James Ashton, Willm Werden, Joseph Boulton, John Wall, John Helme, Willm Walmesley, Christopher Nowell, John Singleton, James Dawson, Edward Dawson.

17. Thomas Nixon hath harboured Mr George Preston wife and children and therefore to pay iijs. iiijd. and for every month hearafter tell hee his wife and children bee removed from his house to pay vjs. viijd. and also that the said Thomas Nixon shall remove his daughter and child that is come to him latly wether before the 20th instant else to pay vis. viijd for every month shee stayeth longer.

18. Henry Sherburn hath harbored one Thomas Kay beinge noe ffreeman to pay ijs. vjd. and that hee remove before the 24th June else to pay vis. viijd. and soo for every month as as hee continues unremoved.

19. Mrs Shakeshaft harbored by Richard Burton therefore to pay 1d a day to bee removed also to compound with Mr Maior and company before the 24th of July next else to pay vis. viijd.

20. The daughter of Willm Johnson and also that hath a child with Willm Newsham and soe that care may be taken by Mr Maior to remove her.

21. Mrs James Shuttlworth harbored by Mr George Piggott and that the towne may be saved from anie futer trouble by her or her husband.

22. George Catterall wife and children to bee harbored by Thomas Taylor to bee removed before the 24th of June next else to pay vis. viijd.

23. Willm Wasle or Johnson for harboring and keepinge 2 children of his wifes brother therefore to pay 1d and to remove them before the 24th June else to pay vjs. viijd.

24. Mrs. Parkinson shall not as shee hath once done before anie more turned horse or cattell to ether more or Marsh, but may be stallenged att the discretion of Mr. Maior and compaine.

25. Willm Blacowe for harbouringe John Shorte and wife and children to pay iijs. iiijd., and doe remove them before 24th July next, els to pay vjs., and soe for every month as longe as they shall bee unremoved.

26. There hath not only for manie yeares last past, butt specially in this prsent yeare, beene a greate neglecte in the ofice of hous[e]lookers. Beinge sent for by this Jury, and disired an accompte from them, they answered they conceived themselves discharged at the first Leete, and therefore this 8 monthes (not beinge instructed) have neglected there ofice, to the greate periudice of this towne, and wee find that the best of there Indeavours have butt beene to remove such whoe have beene fined by Juries from one house to another very seldom, that the towne hath beene freed and quitt of them, the truth hereof is to well knowne unto us by manie insufferable (if not remedied) burtherns latly cast upon us. Wee humbly disire that soe good a custome as wee find in former Leets may again bee restored to us, vidzt., wee find Willm Preston, Alderman, and [an]other for fryergate, Willm Sudell, Alderman, and [an]other for church gate, elected for house lookers, or else one if not more continually of the councell in every streete in that ofice, or otherwise that such as may be chosen to that office may bee sworne for the preventinge of anie futere inconvenancy Maior and company may thinke fitt.

27. Whereas Tymothy Woodward is fined and amerced in the 34th presentment of the last Inquest for not scowringe as certain ditch that is meane betwixt Mr. Willm Hodgkinson and Mris. Williamson, wee conceive Timothy Woodward beinge butt a tenente for this years ought not to bee att that charge, butt that Mr. Willm Hodgkinson and Mris. Williamson shall cause the same [to be] scowred and made good before the 29th September, 1655, els to pay 3s. 4d., or, if the one of them doe butt refuse, the refuser to pay vjs.viijd.

28. John Salter and John Bolton for makinge a tusle in the church, both of them to bee severly punished, else either to pay ijs. vjd.

29. Richard Rydinge and Anne, the wife of Martin Mabery, for there abusive and corupt speeches to one another, either of them to pay 1s. 3d.

30. Agnes Read and Mary, wife of Thomas Gregson, shoemaker, for there abusive and corupt speeches to one another, either of them to pay 1s.

31. William Clarkson barber and Willm Cowbourne for making a tusle therefore to pay either of them 2s vjd.

32. Mary, the wife of Robert Shakeshaft, [for] fightinge with Margrett, the wife of Thomas Patricke, to pay ijs. vjd.; as also Margrett, the wife of Thomas Patricke, for drawing blood of Mary, the wife of Roberte Shakeshafte, to pay vs.

33. Thomas Combrall for drawinge blood and fightinge with John Adison and beinge the cause therefore to pay vs. and also John Adison for fightinge with Thomas Combrall and drawinge blood and therefore to pay vs.

34. Margaret the wife of John ffisher and Jasabell the wife of Roger Moss for there abusive and corupt speeches on to an other therefore either of them to pay 1s 3d.

(Note in margin: OK have the bridle)


35. Margrett the wife of John ffisher and Margrett the wife of yeoman Walmesley for there abusive and corupt speeches to one another therefore either one of them to pay 1s. 3d.

36. Whereas Edward ffrance came and made a greate complainte to Mr. Maior ag[ains]t Thomas Bonny for pullinge his haire of his head, and Mr. Maior Informinge the Jury of his trouble with the said Edward ffrance, they both beinge called before the Jury would nether accuse one another, therfore upon the complainte of Mr. Maior wee fine ether of them in ijs. vjd. apeece.

37. Thomas the sonne of Edward ffrance for makinge a tusle with Henry the sone of Thomas Graistocke and drawinge blood and therefore to pay vs. also Henry Grastocke to pay for his tusle ijs. vjd.

38. The said Thomas ffrance for making another tusle with Henry Grastocke therefore to pay ijs. vjd.

39. Roger Tipping & James Dewhurst Milner for making a tusle with Henry Johnson at wasle also to pay ijs. vjd.

40. Roger Dixson for drawinge blood of John Turner therefore to pay vs. Also for John Turner for his tusle with Roger Dixson ijs. vjd

41. Margrett the wife of yeoman Walmesley for her abusin and corupt speeches to Margrett ffisher therefore to pay 1s. 3d.

42. That to the greater annoyance of the people and contrary to severall orders and commands of Mr. Maior Thomas ffoole, Raph Harrison, John Twistleton, George Turner, Widow Hodgkinson and Mr Willm Turner doe make and keepe dunghiles before theire open doars in the open streete and high ways as also that Lawrence Bostocke, Willm Withington, Edward Court, Roger Woodruffe, Lawrence Cowlinge and others lai theire dungs also before theire doares which washing and falling & into the channell to the greate anoyance of the high ways that they shall every of the above named and all of them that have anie of such dunghills remove and cause them led away before the 20th June next els every of them to pay vjs. viijd.

43. That these persons hereafter named vidz. Mt Seth Blackhurst, Mrs Anne ffleetwood, John Kilshaw, John Cottam, Edward Dawson, Mrs Joan Wall, Willm Woodward, Willm Blacow, Widow Archer, Thomas Ordes, Mrs Preston, Mrs Bannester have not accordinge to the 52nd presentment of the last Inquest removed and gotten away theire midings in St Johns weend accordinge to there tyme given and therefore to pay theire said fines imposed accordingly.

44. John Prisall (Preesall) shall sett a good and sufficient yate att the end of his croft going into Thomas Martins Sykes and to ditch and fence itt close upp before the 24th of June next els tp pay vjs. 8d.

45. Mr. James Hodgkinson shall raise the earth att the end of his well, that soe the water comeinge thence may run downe his own channell and not into minspitt well, before the 24th of June els to pay iijs. iiijd.

46. George Clarkson shall scower his ditch att his croft, by Minspett well, as also to paire downe his copp, at his garden syd, that the water may rune downe the channell, and to carry away the earth, and that Willm Bushell doe the same by his garden copp, and Mr. John Marsh doe the same by his garden copp, before the 24th of June next, els to pay iijs. iiijd.

47. The Baliffes shall rase the cawsall where it is sunken downe, and repare the cawsall all alonge from Minspitt well stayres to style upon avenham, before the first of July next, else to pay vjs. viijd.

48. Richard Primett, widow Cowper, and Hugh Blacklidge shall not throw downe anie soodes or wash land Cabish watter or anie other filthie water in Cheetham backside, which may bee anoyance to Mr. Willm Sudell wattercourse, under his house, which only is to convay raine watter out of the said Cheethams backside, and to observe and doe accordinge to the fitith prsentmte of ye last Inquest [29th, which refers to the cleansing of this watercourse by Primett, Blacklidge, and John Cowper], else to forfeit for every such offence iijs. iiijd.

49. Mr. Maior may see the fines straighted Levied against stallengers in fifty five prsentmts of the last Inquest, as also the fynes Levied against such as suffer dunghills to lye before there doares, accorginge to the 16th prsentmte of the last Inquest.

50. That accordinge to the 66th prsentment of the last Inquest Mr. Maior and company doe rent the incroachments Mr James Hodgkinson has made att Edward Eccles house.

51. Whereas John Willasie hath Incroached in fryer gate 4 yards in length, beating [deducting] a nayle, 2 yards in bredth save that the back end wants one nale, there are divers neighbours finds themselves agreeved and generally complained of thatif that bee allowed to stand they generally disire the same preveledge; wee disire Mr. Maior and the Company will soe rent it that others may be discouridged from erectinge the like.

52. That whereas Mrs Elizabeth Taylor vidz doth complain of a sinck hole that Mr James Cottam hath nowly made where formerly a watercourse was that the said Mr Cottam shall not have Liberty to throw down anie wah soodes cabish water or filthie water or anie thinge thrown or through the said sinck hole the greivance or annoyance unto the said Mrs Taylor or sucessors providing that nothing shall bee annoyance but what is before expressed.

53. That whereas there is a contraversy concerning a hedg which apeareth to bee betwixt the Lands of Mr Walmesley of Showley in the person of William Harrison and the lands of the heirs of Mr Ashton of lites wood in the posseson of Thomas Bonny there was one James Crooke sworne the 28th May 1655 and saith the the said hedge was repared by him and in severall places hee did sett quicke wood butt wether it was Mr Ashton Lands or the carlesnes of the then tenants or the other claymer hee knows not nowe. Margrett Miller aged about 51 yeares sworne the same tyme saith that of her owne knowledge forty yeares ago her father did sett that hedge and that it was upon his owne Land from an oake tree there yett standinge unto the garden hedge of Mr Evan Wall and from the said oake to Mr Ashton house belonge to Mr Ashton, upon consideracon that Mr Ashton is a child under age to try title of Land, therein wee find although Margrett Millers oath is for the heires of Mr Walmesley of Showley that the said hedg bee comon to them both and wether upon occasion takes it sooner is a meaning for that day shall have it quietly els the disturbe to pay 2s 6d now this comon use of the said hedg to continue butt until Mr Ashton come att age.

54. John Smyth of Preston Joyner did upon the 30th day of October before the now Maior of this towne enter into a recognizance of the penalty of tenne pounds and Edward Dawson of Preston Carier and Henry Kilshawe sadler both of this towne as surties in five pounds appear upon condicon that the said John Smyth should appeare att the next Leet Courte to bee hold on for (this) Burrough and in the meane tyme to keep the peace of the Comonwealth agt all people but especially against John Cartmell as by the said recognizance remaining wee therefore find and present the the said John Smythe and his surties have broken and forfeited those said recognizance not olny that he came not but going defined by suerties to goe alonge to the half to save his bond att the court Leete hee replyed and badd their goe about there business and staid working with a shoppe.

55. Mrs Anne ffleetwood, Richard King, John Smyth, Thomas Werden hath not removed theire ditches in Salter Lane if therefore they doe not every of them clense and scowre theire ditches before ye xxiiijth of June instant els to pay iijs. iiijd.

56. All those owners of sellers that are complained of, for the danger of there sellers being without rales, they haveing tyme given them according to the 49th prsentmte of the last Inquest, wee find that they are not done, and therfore the said fine to bee paid.

57. Thomas Ordes did gett sand att the end of Thomas Dolphins house and hath made a greate sand hole to the greate anger of travilers and mens Cattell therefore that the said Thomas Ords shall cause the sand hole filled upp and even before the 20th June els to pay vis. viijd.

58. The whereas Henry Chorley complains of the 2 prsentments made by the last Jury of Leet reason the 18th Aprill 1654 against him and did here offer to clean that against him wee therefore leave it to the concideracon of Mr Maior and companie.

59. In the 10th presentmte of the leete chosen the 18th Apprill, 1654, neither Thomas Abbott nor his brother should have noe liberty to bringe in cloath dyed or receive white cloath to dye upon a Satterday, it being a mistry or trade, and they haveing the said priviledge and payinge nether scott nor lott, the consequence will be to the ruininge of some famalies, both wife and children, and, beinge ordred by the Maior and Companie, the 16th December, 1653, that they should not have the priveledge to take in cloath, wee therefore disire Mr. Maior and company would bee pleased to take the condicon of our neighbours whose livily hood depends thereon into serius consideracon, yt this greate abuse which is still continued may speedily be redressed as to there wisdomes shall seeme most fitt.

60. The Baliffes shall repare all the broken places within this towne, from barrs to barrs, before the first of August, else to pay xs., as also other places which have formerly and accustomeraly beene repaired by the baliffes.

61. There is a complainte made against George Birchall for that hee did knowe of some goods bought or offered to bee sould by fforaigners and did not Informe Mr. Maior thereof, according to his burgesse oath, therefore wee referr it to the consideracon of Mr. Maior and company.

62. All those that are fined for scowringe theire ditches in the last Inquest those that are in the margin marked undone and therefore those fynes straighted.

63. All owners of ground to the Maudland Land, from spitle mosse to the Marsh, may cutt downe there hedges, a man haveinge his eye strucke forth within this tenne days, before the first of July next, els to pay vjs. viijd.

64. In the 67th presentment of the last Inquest they have fined Roger Tomlinson for not removing stoopes and rayles before his house in Minspett well weend found also by former Leets to bee removed wee conceive there is a prjudice therein in regard the Jury Chosen the 24th Aprill 1642 did by theire 20th prsentment find upon oath the stoopes and rayles to bee and stand upon the owners Land and not incroached as also the affeerers found it null wee findinge such contradicon leave it to the consideracon of Mr Maior and his compainie.

65. These persons hereafter named whoe should have made theire attendance haveing a personall notice by the serjeant and beinge intended and returns by the bailiffes to doe duty absented the consequences thereof wee concern much to the perjudice of the well governmt of our towne and not haveing or receiving any License from Mr Maior contrary to theire oaths as burgesses therefore every one to pay vs. vidzt. Mr Will Bannester, Willm Gradell, John Smyth joyner, Thurstan Darwen.

66. Wee find and present the persons hereafter named whoe contrary to theire oathes as burgesses being summoned by the serjeant not haveing or causeinge any licence from Mr Maior did absent themselves from theire duty to this Leet without showinge any Lawful cause as above said vidzt

Edward Hindle, Thomas Werden, John Wall younger, Lawrence Tomlinson, Willm Lemon, Roger Woodruffe, Mathewe Dickson, Edward Atkinson, Willm Seddon, Edward Taylor, Symon Hynd, Roberte Shakeshafte, Thomas ffoster, Thomas Walton, Willm Werden labourer and Richard Thorpe and therefore every one to pay ijs. And every one of these whoe wee 'conceive to bee labourers or datoll workmen vidzt Lawrence Cowlinge, Thomas Dolphin, Thomas Taylor, James Hodgkinson, John Burton, John Slater, Willm Bragger, John Wennett, Willm Baliffe, Richard Ryding, Raph Evans, Edward Hill, Isarks Salsbury, Francis Bramwell, George Woods Christopher Sowden, Evan Rogerson, Roger Mosse, Richard Leach, Edward Charnocke, Willm Richardson al(ias) Stringer, Richard Clayton, John Ellott, Thomas Combrall, Willm Charnocke, Willm Whaley, John Burwicke, Willm Wigganes, Thomas Balshawe, Thomas Seed, Richard Osbaldosten, George Blundell, Henry Tompson, Christopher Kilshawe, Henry Cowborne, John Mitton schoole master, Richard Bayley, Richard Abraham, Thomas Dolphine, Willm Gardner, John (surname missing) to pay and forfeit 1s.

67. If Mr. Maior and Counsell shall see cause and think fitt, to order the Baliffes to ellecte [erect] and cause a cukstoole [to be] sett upon the wall of the washinge pool, else to pay 3s. 4d.

68. There is a greate need of sweete watter att the Almshouses, which is much to the prejudice of manie poore famalys thereabout. The now baliffes shall cause the stones of the wall by the washinge poole to bee taken upp and sett in some other conveniant place, that that grivance may be remedied and the Inhabitants thereabouts subplyed; and also that the baliffes shall cause the washinge poole to be emptied, that soe they may with conveniancy rase the same one foote in the midle, being conceived to bee to deepe. Both theis to bee done before the 20th of July next, els to pay vjs. viijd.

69. Mr Maior will be pleased to see all these prsentments executed by his officers soe farr forth as concerned him and that hee gott the councell result in that which is referred to them by theire prsentments and also the prsentments of the Inquest otherwise that succeedinge Leets may proceed accordinge as the laws in that case made and provided.

Affeered by Edward ffrench, Mr Willm Mertom, James Hodgkinson, John Marsh