February 1702

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Page 19 

Mayor: Geoffrey Rishton

John Loxam Nicholas Pashley
Henry Taylor Thomas Woodburn
Robert Ravald Thomas Watson
Robert Ryley Henry Tompson
John Orme John Woods
Richard Shuttleworth Edward Bradley
Thomas Clayton Thomas Bradley
John Dewhurst John Waller
Jeremiah Wilson Thomas Becket
John Sharples

1. The Severall psons hereafter named for their Severall Midding Stidds lying before their Sevrall doores within the Street and having Sufficient notice for the removing of them and are not gotten away therefore wee doe amerce them in Six shillings Eight pence a peice vizt. in the Church Gate Town end John Sudell, Henry Birchall, Widow Slater, John Merry, Evan Hodgkinson, Joseph Bolton shoemaker, Jane Watson, William Entwistle three middings, William Gooden and Alderman Winckley for a Miding and a tree lying at the Church Gate Almes house. Fisher Gate Town End

2. Mr Trafford, Mr Stanley, Mr Ra: Tyldesley, John Cook, Wm Hodgkinson, Wm Melling, James Hodgkinson, John Cook, Thomas Cook, Ra: Hollinghead 3 midd. Fryer Gate Town End

3. Mr Evan Wall, Wm Tomlinson, Stephen Pearson, Robert Serjeant, Hugh Gurnall, George Graystock, Widow Cumerall, Henry Barnes, John Helme junr, James Green, Hugh Gurnall, Robt Gurnall, Alice Graystock.

4. Widow Yates for a house of Office wch is a great Annoyance to the neighbourhood for an incroachmt of severall yards compass adjoyning to her house and having given sufficient time for pulling downe the Incroachmt and amending the house of Office wch things are not done wee amerce her in 20s.

5. The psons following for not seting of Railes before their Sellars and having given sufficient time and not done Wee amerce them in Six shillings Eight pence a peice.

Mr Lemon, Mr Whitehead, Mr Addison, Mr Langton, Mr Gant, Mr Whittiker, Mr Huson, John Greenhalgh Blacksmith, Jennet Cottam.

6. William Cummerall for keeping a Mastiffe Dog unmuzled wch is very dangerous and contrary to the Laws of the Land and having given him notice to muzle him and he refusing Soe to do we amerce him in 10s.

The severall psons hereafter named for severall annoyances and other matters and things wch if not amended, rectified and removed in due time before the next Court Leet to be held for this Burrough then the same to be amerced by the Jury of that Leet.

7. The Supvisors of the high ways for not repairing the Cawsey betwixt the Church Gate Barrs and the Almes house.

Ribleton Lane

8. Henry Merry for a Midding and not scouring his ditch. Elizabeth Bostock, John Jackson, Thomas Bostock, James Garstang, Mary Crabtree, Richd Myers, George Eastham for not scouring their Ditches & opening their Watercourses.

Daker Gate Lane

9. Mr Alderman Sudell, Nicholas Starkie Esqre, Thomas Molyneux Esqre, John Merry, John Greenwood and Mr Adam Cooper for not scouring their ditches.

New Hall Lane

10. Mary Crabtree widow, John Merry got not scouring their ditches. Henry Hodgkinson Esqre and Henry Heaton for middings.

11. The Supvisors of the Highways for not repairing the Cawsey in New Hall Lane and amending the platts.

12. Mr Alderman Lemon and Richd Jackson for their middings in New Hall Lane.

13. Mr Wm Patten and Mr Alderman Sudell for not Scouring Ditches in Swillbrook Lane.

14. The Supvisors of the highways for not repairing the Cawsey and amending the pavemt in Stony Gate.

15. For laying Middings on Spittlemoss, John Hath, Mr Thomas Gradwell, Thomas Woodburn and James Holt.

16. The Bayliffs for not keeping the Butts in repaire and likewise the pinfold.

17. The Supvisors of the high ways for not repairing the Cawsey and Lane over agt Richard Whittles.

18. Richard Whittle for a Midding before his dore and Edwd Ribby for a Midding before his Kill.

19. Hugh Gurnell, Edwd Read, James Scott, James Green and George Graystock for not making their fence in Mawdland Lane.

20. James Green, Wm Tomlinson, Robt Read and James Kitchin for their Middings in Haslington back wiend.

21. The psons following for not removing their Middins in St Johns Weend. vizt.

Mr John Atherton, Thomas Stringer, Widow Woods, Mr Parkinson, Mr Walls, John Sharples, Mr Wm Patten, Tho: Greenhalgh, Tho: Ryley, Tho: Garlick, Edmd Walmsley, Thomas Ryding, Alexr Johnson Esqre, James Garstang, John Hodgkinson shoemaker, Mr John Atherton, Thomas Kilshaw Senr, Ellen Moon 3 midding.

22. The Bayliffes for not seting a Yate at Cocker hole.

23. Thomas Astley, George Threlfall, Richd Bray for laying their middings at Syke hill.

24. The Supvisors of the high ways for not repairing the Cawsey leading betwixt the School and Syke Hill.

25. Thomas Gregson Maltman and Thomas Kilshaw for laying their Middings at and near Titmouse barn to the great damage of the way.

26. Widow Tree and Mr Chorley for their Middings at Syke Hill.

27. Mr Prescot for not amending a Stile in the field this side the Broad Meadow & for not amending a plat in the said field.

28. Mr Alderman Winckley for not Scouring his ditch in the way leading to the Boat.

29. The severall persons hereafter named for not opening their Severall platts, Scouring their Ditches and lopping their hedges in South Meadow Lane. vizt.

Mr Chorley, Mr ffrancks, Wm Lorrimer, Nich Walmsley junr, Mr Hodges, John Greenhalgh Blacksmith, Sir Chrofer Greenfield Kt, Alderman Sudell, James Green, Henry Graystock.

30. The severall persons hereafter named for not opening their watercourses and Scouring their Ditches in North Meadow Lane. vizt

James Garstang, Mr Hartley, Mr Alderman Atherton and Mr ffranck for not scouring the ditch betwixt him and Willm Bradley and Widow Woods.

31. Mr Alderman Sudell for laying a Midding in Broadgate Lane.

32. George Barkers wife for pulling down of hedges.

33. John Roades and Mr Addison for not gripping at the side of the field at the Banck head.

34. James Hodgkinson for not scouring his ditch Stand Prick Lane.

35. The Supvisors of the highways for not amending the Lane betwixt ffishergate Almshouse and Springfield.

36. Mr Mayor, Nathan Barker, Elizabeth Tootell, widow Moss and James Hodgkinson for not opening their platts and ditches in ffishergate lane wch is a great damage to the highway.

37. Mr Addison for laying a Midding over agt his barn at Fisher Gate Almes house.

38. James Lorrimer, Edwd Bradley, Mr Winckley for Middings in ffisher Gate Lane.

39. The Scavengers for leting severall parcell fo Dung ly in the ffryer Gate.

40. Hugh Gurnall, Robt Gurnall & Alice Graystock for middings lying in ffryer Gate Weend and Fryer Gate Townend.

41. Mr John Chorley for easing dropping upon John Jamesons house.

42. The Bayliffes for not repairing the Cawles at the Marsh.

43. Wm Markland for laying a Miding at Dabel Bridge And Madam Patten for not levelling over the Sough at the Marsh Mill.

44. Robt Pilkington for a Miding in Toogood Lane and Richd Hudson and Hugh Gurnall for not railing the Bridge going over Graystock water.

45. The Bayliffes for not raileing the one side of the Moor Yate and rampering after each side of the Yate.

46. James Garstang, Wm Litham for their midings in Salter Lane and Mr Whitehead & James Garstang for their midings before their Barnes in St. Johns Weend.

47. Hugh Walker for not scouring his Ditch at the bottam of his Garden leading to the Dog house.

48. Ann Walmsley and Hugh Walker for their Middings at Chappell End.

49. The psons following for their Middings in Church Gate Weend. vizt.

Robert Winder, Mr Lemon, John Moor, Wm Gregson saltman, Mr Rylands, Seth Jolly, Thomas Clifton.

50. Mr Bushell for hanging a door at the Gable End of Robt Ryleys workhouse.

51. Mr Wm Parkinson for not repaireing a ffence betwixt him and ffrank Higham.

52. The Bayliffes for not repairing the Church Gate Moor Yate, Cook Stoole and rampering beyond the Cookstool pit.

53. Widow Greenhalgh for not repairing the Stile at the bottam of Minspit Weend, the neglect of wch has made the way very bad, scarce passable to the Sykes and Avenham.

54. Evan Werden for geting whinns upon the Moore and doe fine him in Six Shillings Eight pence.

55. Richard Cross for laying a Midding in Lancaster Lane to the damage of Elizabeth Craven.

56. Mr James Cooper for laying of Rubbish and Clay over agt his door in Cheap side and having notice given him before time and not done. Wee doe amerce him in ten shillings.

57. John Hugall for not Scouring his Ditch adjoyning to Widow Greenhalgh in Minspit weend.