April 1675

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Mayor: James Ashton

The 24
Jacob Ashton - Mayor Thomas Whalley
William Sudell John Sumpner
Luke Hodgkinson Thomas Winckley
Richard Hynd Lawrence Bostock
Thomas Hodgkinson Henry Blackhurst
George Addison Arthur Bostock
John Kellet William Lemon
William Lemon Christopher Nowell
William Werden Richard? Taylor
Roger? Rivington Robert Loxam
John Kellet jun Thomas Bannester
Thomas Arkwright John Chorley
Chrofer Nowell William Helme miller
William Patton John Helme jun
Richard Clarkson Jacob Holt
John Corte? John Tomlinson
Henry James Henry Sherburne
Lawrence Sheppard Jacob Mosse conveyer?
Nathan Barker John Ryding
Thomas Higham Henry Handley?
Henry Kilshaw jun

1. These psons following for not appearing at this Leet Cort and to pay accordingly ye sumes put downe.

Willm Wearden jun xijd, Richard Thornton iiijd, Thomas Bickerstaffe iiijd., Roger Mosse Glaser iiijd, Henr Crosse iiijd, John Smith iiijd., Richard Baley sen iiijd., John Hynd gen iiijd., James Coup xijd., George Bennett iiijd., John Mosse iiijd., John Shardley iiijd., John Haslindon iiijd., John Yates iiijd., Thomas Hatch iiijd., James Dolphin iiijd., Nicholas Watson iiijd. , Willm Crosse iiijd., Adam Elston iiijd., Henr Myers iiijd.

2. These sons following for not takeing ye oath of A Burgesses and yt upon ye penalty of iijs. iiijd apiece they take ye said oath on or before ye first day of August next & xijd. for every month afterwards till they be sworne.

Georg Pigot Esq, Lawr Shapard, Henr Kilshawe jun, Thomas Anderton, John Baley jun, James Blackledge, Willm Greenwood, Evan Wilson, Henr Shepard, Hugh Sharrocke, Nicholas Anderton, Roger Bannester, Chrofer Burton, __________, James Lorrimer, Edward Barker, Thomas Higham, John Preston gen, John Eastham, James Anderton, James Bayley, Willm Birchall, Lawrence Graystocke, John Merry, Lawr Tomlinson, Henr Walmsley.

3. These psons following as not freeman of this Corporacon and do follow trades and Imploymts and therefore leave them to be stallanged by ye Maior and Councell according to ye Anncient custome and ordr of this towne.

Edward Gregson, Robt Rawnson,Willm Swansie, George Clitherow, Peter Gengden?, Nicholas Wright, John Rawnson, Thomas Cooke, Alexander Swansie, Will Clarke, Peter Wilson.

4. Nicholas Watson for Laying his Timber in a certaine street of this towne called ye ffryergate, to ye great annoyance of ye Inhabitants, .... [to] pay for the said offence iijs. iiijd., and yt he remove ye same before ye first day of August next, upon paine of xls.

5. Lawrence Piccupp and Henry Crooke for ye like offence and to pay iijs. iiijd. apiece for their offence already comitted and yt they remove their said timber by ye first of August next upon ye penalty of xls. apiece.

6. James Kitchin for laying his midding and bricks in ye streete before his dore and ye he remove ye same before ye first of August next upon penalty of xxs.

7. Mary Anderton for getting whinns upon ye Moore brow of this towne and do fine her in xijd or to be punished at ye Maiors discrecon.

8. Ralph Booth for not scouring and clensing ye watercourse at ye higher end of his garden at ye end of ye ffryergate ye neglect whereof causeth ye high wayes to goe out of repaire and therefore fyne him in iijs. iiijd. if ye same bee not clensed before ye first of August next.

9. Mr Willm Holder for not setting a stile in ye usuall ffoot way betwixt ye Spittle mosse and ye lane yt Leads to ye Magdalens and yt he cause one to bee sett there on or before ye ffirst of August next upon penalty of tenne shillings.

10. Willm Crysse for that hee hath turned? a stoned/shewed? horse upon ye Comons of this towne yt us above two yeares old and contrary to ye statute in yt case made pvided and yt hee pay for yt offence ye sume of xiijs iiijd.

11. Thomas Gregson for turning a heifer to ye Marsh wch hath not had a calfe, contrary to ye orders of this towne, to pay for ye said offence vjs. viijd.

12. Widdow Hankinson for ye like offence and fine her in vjs. viijd.

13. John Southworth and Willm Wiggans ye heardsmean fo this towne for neglecting their duty in suffring heifers to do pasture upon ye marsh and a Cow upon Spittle Mosse and yt they pay for ye same ye sume of iijs. iiijd.

14. Edward Rigby, Serjeant at Law, and Richard Kewerden, Dr. in phisicke, being ye overseers of ye highway, for not repairing ye highways belonging to this Corporacon, and yt they cause ye way betwixt ye Almes houses at Churchgate end and ye Swillbrooke, ye high ways in Ribleton lane, ye cawseye Rampier betwixt ye more brow and ye horse bridge leading to Caddiley, ye lane called Salter lane, and ye high way called ffishergate barrs and ye water side, to bee put into good repaire betwixt [now] and ye xvth of August next, upon paine of vl. apiece.

15. These psons following for that they have set Rayles & posts and made other Incroachmts upon ye townes Land and have not pd[paid] any rent to ye towne for ye same and therefore wee leave it to ye Maior & Councell to inpose such rents upon them as they thinke fitt.

Edward Rigby serjt at Law for ye stepps from his house downe into ye street.

Richard Clarksoon for apair of Rayles.

Thomas Walmsley Butcher for Rayles before his house.

Thurstan Darwen for Rayles before his house.

John Gregson for aporch & railes and an Incroachment at his house.

Widdow Bray for an Incroachmt at her house.

Henry Hodgkinson for aporch and railes at his house in ye market place wherein Mr Maior doth now inhabit.

16. These psons following that they put railes before their sellr staires before ye first of August next upon paine of xijs. iiijd. apiece.

John Bancks, Nicholas Walmsley, Charles Quicknard, Chrofer Nowell, Willm Werden jun.

17. Willm Werden ye younger for laying his midding in ye highway before ye ffryergate barrs to ye annoyance of his Maties subjects and do ordr yt hee remove ye same on or before ye first day of August next and Lay not more dung there upon paine of xxs.

18. Willm Holder that hee remove ye Rubbage and Timber that Lyes before his house in ye weend betwixt and ye xth of August upon paine of xs.

19. Mr Willm Wall & Mr John Sumpner for not removeing and taking away their houses of office out of St Johns weend according to sevrall formr prsentmts made by ye Jurys of ye Leets in ye years 1670 & 1671 and do fine them in xls. apiece for their said contempts and xls apiece for every month neglect they are un removed.

20. Chrofer Walmsley for not removeing his midding wch lyeth in St Johns weend over agt ye Doyg House barne and yt hee remove ye same on or before ye xth of August next upon paine of vjs. viijd.

21. Ralph Woodhouse for suffring his midding to Lye before Richard Woods barne in St Johns weend and do ordr yt hee remove ye same before ye first of August next upon paine of vjs. viijd.

22. Ye said Ralph Woodhouse for suffring his midding to lye before his owne barne neare ye Tenter hey to ye annoyance of his neighbours and other his Maties subjects and do ordr yt hee remove ye same before ye first of August next upon paine vjs. viijd.

23. Richard Woods for suffring ye dung to fall from his midding at ye side of St Johns weend and to lye in ye highway and do ordr yt he shall upp ye same before ye last of July upon paine of xs.

24. The psons following for harbouring ye sevrall psons hereafter named wthin this towne ye said psons so harboured not being free Burgesses thereof and do ordr yt they forthwith remove ye same psons give security as ye Maior and Councell shall approve of upon paine of xs apiece.

John Whinrow for harbouring Isabell a bastard child of James Raineys

Willm Bayley for harbouring Jane Baley and her bastard child

John Woods for harbouring Dr? Celbut? & his wife

Mr Thomas Martin for harbouring Edward Gregson and his wife

John Willasy for harbouring Elizabeth Parkinson

Mary Shakeshaft for harbouring John Rawnson

Mary Higham for harbouring Richard Taylor

John Radcliffe for harbouring John Taylor

Henry Hoyston for harbouring Jane Walker

Evan Hughson for harbouring Richard Taylor

John ffltcher for harbouring Robte Rouson

Thomas Becconsall for harbouring Willm Strickland

Mrs Elizabeth Werden for harbouring Peter Wilson

Chrofer Santer for harbouring Willm Southcoates

Willm Werden for harbouring Thomas Smith

Thomas Kitchen for harbouring Henry Crooke

Ellen Blackbourne widdow for harbouring Thomas ffaile

Jane Walmsley widdow for harbouring Mr Sherborne

Widdow Walmsley for harbouring Willm Silcocke

James Dawson for harbouring Thomas Singleton

Willm Arkwright for harbouring John Holdsworth

Thomas Higham for harbouring Thomas ffoster

Robte Spencer for harbouring John Seed & his two sonns

25. Mr David Poole for an Incroachmt by a brickwall in St Johns weend in Lenth about a yeard & ahalf and do ordr yt hee remove ye same betwixt & ye first of August next upon paine of xxs or otherwise agree wth Mr Maior and ye Councell for a rent for ye same.

26. Hugh Sharrocke for an Incroachmt at his garden hedge into acertaine lane called ye Stoneygate lane in length about 50 yeards & in bredth about one yeard and do ordr yt he remove ye sd hedge and set it in its right place by ye xth of August next upon paine of xls.

27. John Hatch for not opening and clensing ye water course betwixt his croft and Ralph Booth garden below ye ffryergate Barrs and do ordr yt he scoure and clense ye same before ye first of August next upon paine of xs.

28. Timothy Woodward for making an assault upon ye body of Richard Sharrocke & do fine him in vjs. viijd.

29. Issabell ye wife of John Woods for makeing an affray upon ye body of Henry Singleton sonne of John Singleton and do fine her in vjs. viijd.

30. Richard Ashton Esqre for yt hee keepeth unlawfull netts and fisheth in ye same wthin ye River belonging to this towne and wee do therefore fine him in xxs.

31. Thomas Eyres gen and Richard Kellett for keeping unlawfull netts and ffishing wth ye same wthin ye River belonging to this towne & do fine them in xxs. apiece.

32. Widdow Trees for keeping an unlawfull dogg wthout a Mussell.

Affeared by us

Tho: Hodkinson, Richard Taylor, Tho? Loxam, Nicholas Walmsley